About Us

Doctors Cave Beach Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica is centrally located along Gloucester Avenue. It is a small moderately priced boutique resort.

Our Montego Bay resort has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. Over the years the property has evolved and been renovated to meet the needs and expectations of our visitors. Although our property has undergone many renovations over the years, our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our guests remains.  We offer the type of personalized service that can only be rendered at a property of this size.  The facilities are modern, the decor tropical and the staff friendly and efficient.


The name Doctors Cave Beach Hotel stems from Jamaica’s most famous beach, which is the Doctors Cave Bathing Club. The beach took its name from Dr. Alexander Mc Catty, who owned it and turned it into a bathing club in 1906. A small cave located on the property (which is no longer accessible) also contributed to the name. The name seems even more appropriate since Sir Herbert Baker (a British osteopath) claimed in the 1920 s that the waters could cure a variety of ailments. So when we say that “Doctors Cave Beach Hotel is just what the doctor ordered” , we are not just being humorous. In fact, the waters around Doctors Cave Beach contain a great deal of spring water as numerous underwater springs meet the sea here at Doctors Cave Bathing Club.

We understand there are many Montego Bay resorts to choose from, but we hope that you will visit our hotel for the ultimate unforgettable Jamaican vacation.

I invite you to visit us.

Andre McGann
Managing Director